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Clenz Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia


Clenz Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia is the premier carpet cleaning service in the city and surrounding areas, including carpet cleaning service inĀ South Jersey. State of the art equipment along with our system of cleaning techniques allows our technicians to deliver a quality service. Our mission is to satisfy our clients by providing them the cleanest, freshest and healthiest carpets possible.

Our Commitment

At Clenz, we want to keep our clients for life. In order to do that, we will always give our best.
Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are able to answer your questions and provide reasonable expectations prior to servicing you.

We can’t promise to get out every stain, or make a 20 year old carpet look brand new, especially when the carpet fibers have been damaged. However, we can promise to use our 9 step system to remove all synthetic and organic stains, leaving your carpets looking clean, fluffed and smelling fresh.

Regardless of the situation, we always go the extra mile. We are committed to our clients needs, and strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.